Dog Friendly Rawtenstall – The Clog Market

Dog Friendly

We’re dog friendly in Rawtenstall  – we’re dog friendly at The Clog Market.

Since we are so dog friendly –   our next event The Great Get Together includes a Musical Sit! contest for all your hounds.

We expect competition to be fierce but it’s just for fun and all dogs who enter will be given a tasty treat. The winner will be given a trophy sponsored by Wood n Chocolates of Rossendale.

Terms and conditions!

First of all…we don’t want any argy-bargying so we are pulling in our friends at Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue to act as judges and finally… Judges decision will be final!

What’s on…

Another good reason to come and join us on the town square for The Great Get Together is we have a brass band, music, food, drink, fair rides, community groups, storytime for pre-schoolers, grab your friends for the hokey-cokey, a conga or maybe try a hoopla sessions. There’s lot’s happening, check out our social media pages.

It’s a great excuse to get together, sit, watch, chat, laugh and finally… enjoy yourselves!


Dog Friendly Rawtenstall

Musical Sit! contest

Read below to see what The Kennel Club’s Petiquette guide is:

Tips to ensure your dog is welcome in businesses and public spaces

Be Dog Friendly, supported by, is a campaign run by the Kennel Club which aims to reward and encourage businesses and public places across the UK to adopt a dog friendly attitude towards the nation’s 8 million dogs.

Dog owners need to ensure that the experience of a business or a public space welcoming your dog into their premises is a positive one. Here is the correct ‘petiquette’ to ensure your dog is welcomed again and again, make sure that:

  • Ensure your dog is clean and flee free before entering the premises.
  • Dog is house trained.
  • Always clean up after your dog – since it is your responsibility!
  • A dog is well trained and that it will sit, stay and come on command.
  • Don’t allow your dog to disturb others by barking.
  • Your dog does not jump up at or pester other people. Not everybody will love your dog as much as you do.
  • Dogs are allowed in areas that serve and sell food at the proprietor’s discretion but they must stay out of food preparation areas.
  • Do not allow your dog to touch other people’s food.
  • Take a pet carrier with you (recommended) when you are staying somewhere overnight or for long periods. Turn it into your dog’s ‘den’, with his own bedding and personalised items, so that he will settle down well.
  • Keep towels handy to wipe muddy paws.
  • And…ever leave your dog unattended or unsupervised.
If you’re looking for other Dog Friendly places, businesses, pubs, cafes etc – take a look here





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