The Clog Market – Update.


Hello, Just to let you know what i’ve been up to with The Clog Market .
I started off with the intention of having a one off pop up market on the town square but ended up having a few more.

Plus…I’ve organised two fantastic Christmas markets for Rawtenstall and brought the 40s fun up into the town centre twice for the 40s weekend festival. I’ve worked in collaboration with The Whitaker Museum on three very successful events (donating the proceeds to them, plus giving them a considerable amount of my time and effort).
I also provided and organised a really wonderful Great Get together on the town square in June, this year.
The Clog Market is of course self funding, always pay staff to assist with the setting up and taking down of the stalls, we pay for all our entertainment (unless they don’t charge and often perform for free – i.e I paid The Britannia Coconutters in beer and German sausage!)
I’ve donated all the profit from the market to benefit individuals, groups or communities in Rossendale, buying food shopping or paying someones utility bill when they’ve been in need, contributing to funeral costs, cancer research, animal welfare, supporting other community groups financially or supporting micro businesses with lots of other contributions inbetween.
You may not realise this because i don’t bang on about it, i just do it.
Charities and community groups who have traded at The Clog Market have raised over £1,800 for their causes.
The Clog Market has also given others a nudge to improve their own events, not just charge stall rental and do very little for it – so i’m glad i’ve inspired you to be more creative, social and organised, keep this up, reinvest, the higher your standards are the better it is for everyone.
I’m also please with our online social media presence and interaction and promote Rawtenstall wherever and whenever i can.
I’m very proud of ALL the traders i’ve worked with, I’m thrilled to have brought such creative talent together in Rawtenstall and i absolutely share their joy as their businesses progress, plus WE HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMERS EVER! What a team.
Regarding Rawtenstall market – I will not be offering a tender to regenerate and manage, as, in my opinion, the building work schedule (especially for a lease building) is not financially viable – for me. I’m a firm believer in – if you’re not going to do something then step aside and let someone else try-
I do hope to continue with pop up events but this will be depending upon what’s happening with the town square development and the new management of Rawtenstall market, the new managers will hopefully incorporate all the events at that site – who knows?
I’m just waiting for RBC to get back to me re the Christmas market events and i’ll let you know.

That’s all, as you were, nothing to see here.

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